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We think the best way to get to know us is to visit our showcase.



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But for those who would like to know a little more of behind the scenes at The BWC Co. keep on reading 🙂

Why do we use the slogan “Expect More”? We are serious about quality of service and meeting your expectations. We will always go out of our way to offer you the service you demand and the support necessary to make your day the very best. Our standard inclusions are simply that, standard, and the additional support will be provided as you need it. For example, we have organised taxi and Uber services for large numbers of guests on the day of the wedding when the weather has been unpredictable. We will always step up and coordinate what is required as well as look after you and your bridal party. Need late night transfers from your reception? No problem, these are complimentary in our newer XJ Jaguars with all 4 hour bookings! Just another example to Expect More with us.

Why do we have British luxury cars? At The BWC Co. we truly love British cars.  So much so, we have flown around the country to find the best examples. For us, we look for genuine vehicles and unique colour combinations that are unlikely to be found anywhere else. This, in part, make the BWC Co. vehicles unique and special!

Who are we? We are a young and dynamic group wanting to bring customisable wedding options to Perth. If you would like to do something different, just ask us… that’s what we love to do…

We think we are the friendliest and fun group in town. OK, maybe we are a little biased, but we think its pretty close to the mark. We know many wedding suppliers in Perth. But, if we don’t know them, we make it our mission to get to know them. Collaboration helps us make the difference for you on the day as we do so much more than just drive vehicles. We work with your wedding planner, your photographer, your venue coordinator and of course you and your bridal party!

What about the cars? Well, you certainly won’t find yourself riding in a replica or altered vehicles when you book with The BWC Co. Our cars are genuine and to show standard and we quite often will have a car in a show event in Western Australia. So you’ll have to be quick to get your booking before we book the car ourselves.

We are always keen to have a chat with anyone and even to help give ideas for your big day. So why not make contact with us and see for yourself why you should Expect More.


Only Qualified Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are here to make your day truly special. They are always immaculately dressed in traditional uniforms and will guide you through your experience in one of our classic or new cars. Our chauffeurs are all experienced drivers and will arrive to pick you up on time to take you to your destination in style. They are always willing to assist in any way they can and will work closely with your photographer to ensure you get the perfect shot!

We have both male and female chauffeurs. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a preference for a male or female driver.

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