Mary – Jaguar Mark V

Mary – Jaguar Mark V

4 Passengers
Daisy White
Elegant | Beautiful | Grand
Walnut woodwork throughout
Oversized sunroof
Bluetooth wireless speaker system
Red sumptuous leather
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Heads will turn when you arrive in Mary.  The graceful lines and running boards down the side provide a unique look which will be appreciated by all.  Inside you will find sumptuous red leather and burr walnut timber.  The flat floor in the back makes for easy access and comfortable seating.  There is also a large sunroof if you would like to have some sun on your face while you experience the smooth ride quality.

At the time of production the Mark V was referred to as “…more than ever before the finest car of its class in the world.”  A drive in Mary is certainly something special and will become a treasured memory.

Mary is an all original Mark V and is serviced to precision.  We pride ourselves on only the best maintenance for all our cars and our proud to keep our vehicles true to their heritage.

Mary is the quintessential brides car.  She looks beautiful paired up with either other classics or more modern vehicles.

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